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Oct 29
Rizvi Springfield School

Rizvi Springfield School located in Cts No. D/514, D/519 & D/520, Govind Patil…

Jun 27
Education for the Educationists

Education should help each individual, belonging to any gender, religion, caste, race…

Jun 27
“World schooling” – Learning through Traveling

Travel is educational and it is considered to be very beneficial for education because…

Jun 27
Sports and Education: A Love Story

Since ancient time sports and education lives in our gurukuls and schools as a loving…

Jun 27
“Coding” – the “new literacy”

With the evolution of more of our life into zeros and ones, our kids are coming online…

Jun 27
Handling Failure

“If you want to live greatly, you must also be willing to risk greatly. To get to the…